My Mobi Saver

My Mobi Saver

Discovering the great deals

My Mobi Saver is an app you can install on your Android device that allows you to save money easily. Bringing together a selection of great deals to browse through, you'll be spoilt for choice on anything from food and entertainment coupons to enticing clothing offers, all showcased in one place so you don't miss a thing.

After installing the app, to get the most personalised deals there's a rewards survey available to fill out in the navigation menu, which will determine what you like and dislike.

For there, your new app will show you great coupons and deals tailored to your preferences. You can also take paid surveys to earn extra money and find helpful saver tips to try out.

The deals featured on this app are updated daily so you get a fresh range of content to search through and find excellent money saving opportunities, while you can also have offers sent to straight to your email for added convenience. The app is easy to browse and delivers savings opportunities right to your device, providing clear information on the most recent deals and what each offer involves without having to click on them. You can also share your favourite money saving ideas with friends.

Searching through the app, you'll notice that there are many categories to choose from, including clothing, automotive, games and entertainment sections. Finding fantastic deals on where to eat out or discover great entertainment at low prices is easy with this app, not matter where you are.

My Mobi Saver is a very useful app for finding out where the best deals are on the go, as well as tips on how to save money.

Complete the simple survey and a whole host of content will be available tailored to your preferences, helping you save money effectively.

My Mobi Saver


My Mobi Saver

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